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meet Jenny.


I'm Jenny.

Hi, I'm Jenny. My passion for skin care began during my own skin journey. After years of being told there was nothing I could do to help- I later learned there was hope and that I could love my skin again. I have fallen in love with holistic skincare. Finding the root cause to skin conditions and correcting them at the cellular level is the safest and most effective option for everyone. I am currently accepting new clients. I look forward to being a part of your skincare journey!


No. 01

Custom Skincare Routines

A home care routine will be customized to your skin and its specific needs. A consistent routine is what will give you and help you maintain the best results.

No. 03

Acne Bootcamp

Clearing acne is a rewarding journey that leads to an even more beautiful and confident YOU. I am so excited to guide you along the way. We will begin with a custom facial, create a custom homecare routine, and schedule in clinic treatments every 2 weeks until you are clear. These treamtnets can include extractions, chemical peels, ezymatic exfoliation, ezyme therapy LED lights and ice therapy. 

No. 05

Chemical Peels

You must be on a homecare routine for at least 4 weeks before receiving a peel. I will choose the correct peel based on your skin condition. They are great for hyperpigmentation, fine lines + wrinkles, acne and scaring. 

No. 02

Custom Facial

This is a great starting point for new clients. I will provide your skin what it needs at the time of the appointment and begin a treatment plan that will result in your dream skin. This can include dermaplaning, extractions, LED therapy, enzymatic exfoliation etc.  

No. 04

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Restores the skin to its peak condition through its beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. This mask doesn't just work superficially (on the surface of the skin). It works at a cellular level, providing homeostasis by promoting lympahtic drainage, oxygenation and circulation. These are all important factors to revising any skin condition. 

No. 06

Virtual Consultations

Live out of state? I offer virtual consultations along with a customized skin care routine based on your specific needs. Please note that there is a $100 consultation fee separate from home care products.  

contact me.

3979 Indian Ripple Rd

Beavercreek, OH 45440

Cell: 937-751-3306


By appointment only

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"Jenny Hinton is amazing !!! I had lip blushing done and absolutely love my results !! I am an RN and her cleanliness and technique made me feel completely comfortable. My lips healed fast both times without any issues! She is definitely someone you can trust with your face!!"

Carley Neiswender

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