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I'm Jenny.

Working in the beauty industry has always fulfilled my passion for art and beauty. My vision is to make women & men feel their absolute best about how they look and feel.  After graduating Cosmetology and being in the industry for a few years, I moved to Orlando to study business trends and further my education. This gave me the opportunity and experience to study with empowering artists from all around the world and learn the best techniques in the industry.  I am certified in permanent makeup artistry and eyelash extensions. Being certified in Bloodborne Pathogen testing and licensed by the local health department ensures a clean, safe environment for my clients. In 2017, I began my own business, bringing the Miami Valley the newest trends. I am thankful to pursue my dream as my full time career.


No. 01


Microblaing hair strokes are the strokes created to look like an actual brow hair. these strokes are placed throughout the brow for more volume and definition. this service is great for clients looking to add more volume to their natural brows. Not suitable for oily skin clients. Includes complimentary 8-12 week perfecting session. 

No. 03

Combination Brow

When you combine both hair strokes and shading, we create a combination eyebrow. this is our most popular service because it gives you that density and makeup look but also adds some fluffy hair strokes for a seamless, natural look. Includes complimentary 8-12 week perfecting session. 

No. 05

Hyper-Realistic/Nano Brows

This technique is full machine work. Want the hairstrokes but are not a candidate for microblading? This is your answer! Machine work is less invasive than microblading making it great for all skin types.

No. 07

Hybrid Lash Extensions 

This is a mixture of both classic and volume lashes. this look can give you the best of both worlds with its fluff and texture. 

No. 02


Microshading is great for clients who prefer more of a makeup look. shading can be very light and airy or more dense and dark for a more dramatic look. this technique is the most gentle on the skin making it great for more mature, sensitive, or oily skin or clients who work out very often. includes complimentary 8-12 week perfection session. 

No. 04

Lip Blush

Lip blushing is a permanent makeup procedure meant to give your lips a tint of color and define the lips. This is not a lipstick look but rather a watercolor/tinted finish. Can last up to 24 months. 12-18 month touchups are recommended. Includes complimentary 8-12 week perfecting session. 

No. 06

Volume Lash Extensions 

Volume lashes are a fan of lashes adhered to one of your natural lashes. this look can give you more drama and fluff. 

No. 08

Classic Lash Extensions 

Classic lashes are on individual extension adhered to one of your natural lashes. These are very natural and only recommended for clients with very full, natural lashes.  

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"Jenny Hinton is amazing !!! I had lip blushing done and absolutely love my results !! I am an RN and her cleanliness and technique made me feel completely comfortable. My lips healed fast both times without any issues! She is definitely someone you can trust with your face!!"

Carley Neiswender