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meet Maddy.

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I'm Maddy.

I graduated from Aveda Frederic’s in April of 2021 and have been practicing ever since. I have been trained to work with multiple professional grade skincare brands and  plan to continue my education for years to come. I have a passion for helping clients + learning new things every day. I love educating people on their skin, bodies, and mind. My career is extremely rewarding, and I love each and every one of my clients dearly. I went into the esthetic industry when I felt like I had no passion left and no direction. I struggled with acne for years and had always found interest in what I could do for myself. I loved the feeling of renewed confidence and helping others. Quickly I found passion and energy again while practicing esthetics, and have never looked back. I am always accepting new clients, and can’t wait to work with you.


No. 01

Full Body Waxing

full body waxing— using a special type of wax that caters to sensitive skin, I wax anywhere on the body using either soft or hard wax depending on the hair follicule and area getting wax. 

No. 03

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels can treat multiple skin conditions such as acne, aging, texture, hyperpigmentation, scarring and more. Using Face Reality and Glymed Plus peels. This treatment has different peel strengths and some can have more downtime than others. Peels also require specialized homecare 

No. 05

Acne Facial

Using Face Reality's specialized acne treatment line we will treat any kind of acne from inflamed, non-inflamed, and combination. This facial may also include an extraction process/ high frequency treatment.

No. 07


(virtual or in person) In a consultation we will sit down and chat about your skin and lifestyle and dive a little deep into what we are going to be treating & how we will treat. This will give us time to know each other and come up with a treatment plan + gather and gain information.

No. 02

Customized Facial

Facial to cater to you. Using my esti brain and talking over your skin condition + lifestyle factors we will create a treatment that's fit for you. Suggested to first time clients

No. 04

Ageless Facial

Targeting signs of aging + loss of elasticity. During this treatment we will stimulate collagen, blood flow, and bring firmness back into the skin.

No. 06

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

The lymphatic system flows throughout the entire body. This system carries out waste and refreshes/ renews the skin and body with nutrients. By using manual lymphatic massage techniques we will perform lymphatic drainage resulting in refreshed, glowing skin. This can also help with sculpting and puffiness.

contact me.

3979 Indian Ripple Rd

Beavercreek, OH 45440



By appointment only

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"Maddy creates a truly relaxing atmosphere as well as a great facial experience. Her location is easy to access and the overall atmosphere is beautiful. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Maddy!"

Sonia T.

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